About Me

I vividly remember spending hot summer afternoons watching TV with my sisters and cousins waiting for the heat wave to pass. Mama said we could swim when the sun wasn’t at its peak, so let time pass with TV time. At each commercial break I would hear a collective grunt to express their frustration with another interruption to our favorite show. They’d spend the segment on bathroom and snack breaks, rushing back to the living room when I’d shout “IT’S BACK ON!”. I would stay put, enjoying the variety of commercials, imagery, and messaging. I have some memorized to this day.

I always enjoyed commercials and reading billboards on the road growing up. I was a consumer of marketing my entire life, as we all are, I just didn’t know that there was a committed profession for it.

As a first-gen college student, child of hard-working immigrants, and the eldest of five children, I had trouble figuring out what I wanted to study. I can’t remember how exactly, but I came across the marketing field, researched it, and naturally decided that this is where I can leverage my strengths and have fun with it.

From my first marketing gig in a fast-paced environment running social media accounts for local small businesses to marketing B2B tech services to Fortune 500 brands, I’m still having fun, still growing, and still learning how much I still don’t know.

I’m continuously excited about the next opportunity or challenge within my work whether it’s taking on new projects with unique challenges or exploring new channels and making sense of what they mean for my line of work.

My goal is to continue to refine my technical skills as well as my interpersonal skills in pursuit of leaning more into a strategic leader, challenger, and an effective team player.

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